Car and Boat Storage

Affordable Car and Boat Storage in Perth

AK Self Storage provide secure storage for lock-up or outside car and boat storage.

At AK, we understand that not everyone has the space to keep multiple vehicles on their properties. More and more Perth locals are downsizing to smaller homes or to apartments where parking space comes at a premium. Even if you did have the space, would you really want your boat taking up the whole carport or garage, when you could be using that space for more important things? We’re here to help with your parking space issues. We offer cheap boat and car storage for Perth locals who want the benefits of vehicle ownership, without the clutter and parking hassles.

Our competitive car and boat storage pricing and service mean we have a loyal customer base. We’re proud to say that our flexible, no-frills deals have been taken up by dozens of boating and motoring enthusiasts. We understand that you’ve made a real investment, and we’ll treat your vehicle with care and attention to detail.

Our 3,000 square metres of hardstand could be just the right solution for you to park your car, boat, caravan, truck, trailer etc.

You will have the benefits of:

  • A highly secure premises, lighting, CCTV cameras, guard dog and live on-site caretaker to look after your asset
  • Access 7 days a week
  • Experienced on site assistance

Storing your vehicle with AK Self Storage will give you peace of mind. Hardstand boat and car storage in our complex is security fenced with CCTV cameras, guard dogs and on-site caretaker to look after your assets. All favourable when sourcing the lowest insurance rates.

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